Magalang Open House

On Saturday, after the eyeglass screening, we drove to Magalang for their open house.  The Church likes to open a new facility (local buildings, Temples, etc.) when new so the neighbors can come and and have a look.  The Magalang Branch has been working on getting a new facility for a couple of years and finally secured a old Dutch-era home to renovate.  Renovation began in September, so they made good progress once they started.

So this was the old “building” – which was actually just a store-front, almost like a storage shed:

Space A3.  Notice Moroni on the roll-up door – the entire Church was as wide as the pillars.

So they went from that, to this:

The new building.  They do not yet have permission to put a sign on the front.  First things first….

So Saturday consisted of opening the building up  from about 11 (we got there at 11:30) until about 3, with each room (with presenters) explaining a different program of the Church – Family Home Evening, Young Men / Young Women, Relief Society (the Women’s organization) and last but not least, the Humanitarian effort in Indonesia (we gave a slide presentation).

It was a good turnout


With good music:

The Branch Choir

And dancing by Javanese dancers in spectacular costumes:

img_2292   img_2283

They asked us to join their performing troop, but we told them ‘no’….

And great food:

Very traditional Javanese food – soup, rice, chicken, vegetables

img_2311  img_2319

Snake Fruit


Eggs in a hot chili sauce


The “Pamuda Pancasila” – every community has one – it’s like a local-security-council- neighborhood-watch kind of group.  They were invited to come eat – so they did!

img_2308  img_2329


img_2327   img_2296

We stayed for Church on Sunday for the first meeting in the new building.  Before the meeting started, someone (it was never quite clear who it was – police, Pamuda Pancasila, or who – came by and suggested it would be a good idea to keep the first meeting short, to let the community get used to the idea of a Christian Church as a new neighbor.  So after Sacrament Meeting, we were done…

So, we had to take the obligatory group photo:

The bule couple on the right (the Jeffery’s) was going home Wednesday….sad goodbyes for the Branch members.



DeeAnn with Calista, Olivia and their mom, Debbi.  The girls really made DeeAnn miss her cucu (grandchildren).

It was a great open house and a great first day in the new building in Magalang, Indonesia!


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