Eyeglass Screening

LDS Charities has worked with Gajah Mada University in Jogja for several years.  Dr. John Jarstad (now a professor of Ophthalmology at Mizzou) developed a relationship with the O. Dept at GMU and began teaching them advanced cataract surgery techniques, helping them purchase needed examination equipment, etc.  One of the things they do is conduct eyeglass screening clinics around mostly central Indonesia on many weekends.  This past weekend a clinic was scheduled in Magalang, we decided to attend since we wanted to attend the open house at the new LDS meetinghouse in Magalang.  Perfect – the old  ‘two-birds-with-one-stone’ concept.  Except the screening was changed to Jogja.  No problem, since ‘flexibility’ is our middle name and since we had to fly to Jogja to get to Magalang anyway – we rearranged a few things, and voila, we were in Jogja for the screening clinic Saturday morning.

Schoolkids receiving a screening.  ALL schoolkids wear uniforms, and yes, they go to school on Saturday.
Interns screening the kids on equipment donated by LDS Charities
Parents and teachers waiting in the courtyard of the hospital.  The screening was outdoors
Happy little boys – so typical of Indonesians!

Public school teachers are trained to notice students who might have trouble seeing the board, reading, etc., so the teachers can then recommend students to be screened.  If they do, the glasses are made then delivered a few weeks later.  What a difference!





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