Frustration and Odds & Ends

DeeAnn reached her frustration point today.  She makes our travel reservations and they are not easy (remember where we are!)  The internet was not co-operating, so she called a hotel directly (instead of using a travel website) and she must have given the hotel person her email address no less than 25 times!  Bless her heart, she started to get frustrated, but then just started laughing because it was so….so….frustrating!  Finally, I ran and got Ida (the finance person here in the office) and she talked to the guy in Indonesian, and even she had trouble with him!  Finally it got worked out – proving once again, that patience is indeed virtue – especially here in Indonesia!

A few  random pics:

Waiting for my sate, looking down the street – little shops and food stands
A cat hoping for a piece of dropped food at this Makasan stand
Just a guy cutting eggplant
My new buddy Terin – gave me the thumbs up when I told him I was from America!  (Showed me his Rolling Stones tattoo!)
Got my teeth cleaned today from Dr. Tasmin.  Good news: she was very nice, spoke really good English and it only cost $45.  Bad news: it’s an international truth that you get what you pay for….
The yellow helmet is from Uber.  Call Uber, GoJek or Grab and instead of a car, a motorcycle shows up and the rider climbs on and wears their helmet.  Hopefully, the rider gets there in one piece!!

One thought on “Frustration and Odds & Ends”

  1. You two have really become adapted to Indonesia…street food, local dentist, and lots of walking. Give our dear friend Agus Riyadi a hug for us.


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