LDS Charities

We are putting together a presentation to give at an upcoming open house in Magalang, Indonesia.  In doing so, I am again amazed at the depth and breadth of Humanitarian projects and efforts the Church has going on around the world: wheelchairs, vision, clean water, immunization, maternal and newborn care, food production.  In addition, there are countless local projects – a review of the hundreds and hundreds of local projects over the past several years here in Indonesia include blankets at orphanages, a new concrete sidewalk outside a school, hygiene kits for refugees, hearing aids for deaf children, teaching farmers to take care of goats, a washing machine for a school for autistic children, teaching women to sew to be self-sustaining, and on and on and on.  Please please, please, go this website and check it out!

It is such a privilege to be here!   We LOVE Indonesia – the people, the food, the beauty, the craziness, the traffic, the quirkiness.

One last thought: there needs to be more Senior Couples!  The couple serving as Public Affairs Missionaries here in Jakarta are going home in February and (as of now) there is no one to take their place.  How sad…. If you want to come, let us know because we know the right people!!


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