Odds & Ends

One of about a million money changers in Jakarta.  I changed my last $100 bill today.  I dfrom idn’t even bother to “iron” it – it was my last one and I’m tired of fighting them….UPDATE: notice the umbrella on the counter – I left it there and 4 days later, we went back and showed them THIS picture and she said ‘oh yes’…and she brought it out under the counter!!
Possibly the most ornate (and ugliest) clock on the planet
If the jar here says its “Extra Hot” I can’t even imagine….
DeeAnn’s favorite treat – Oat Choco, kind of an oaty/wheaty crispy thing (but not crispy like a cracker; sort of a soft crunchy), sweet-ish (but not too sweet), about the size of your thumb – basically 2 bites of goodness!
MY favorite snack – Kismis, little gems of goodness – a thin cookie/cracker with a little raisin filling….yummmm….
Bikes are used to deliver everything…..
Even fish….apparently using ice is way over rated…
Tempting, but we didn’t order it….and it was only $1.50
Our beautiful daughter Holly and son-in-law Jason at a Holiday dance in Fairfield, CA.  He’s an officer in the US Air Force and she is an Air Force wife.
One of the quirky things about Indonesia is the restaurants.  For example, at lunch recently, we ordered salmon.  ‘No’ they said, ‘no sal-moan’.  OK – we’ll take the sushi – and they said ‘OK’.  We then realized the sushi we ordered had salmon in it, so I started to say, ‘Wait, I thought you said….’, but I just laughed and said, ‘Never mind…’  No salmon for the teriyaki, but they do have it for the sushi…Like I said, quirky.  Another funny thing is they will serve one person at a time when the food is ready – not all at once.  One person might be completely finished before someone else even gets their food.  Oh well…it’s not going to change, so you just have to laugh…By the way, the above 8 piece salmon/shrimp sushi roll was about $4.
New (small) building going up near the office.  Notice the bamboo scaffolding – very common here.

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