Odds & Ends

One of the girls in Bandung took a FB selfie pic with DeeAnn last week.  She posted it and I think it’s just a really exceptional picture of DeeAnn, so I saved it and am re-posting it here:


Our beautiful granddaughters (Holly’s girls Gena, Tessa and Bella) in their Christmas jammies in front of the tree getting ready for the holidays!  We really miss them!  I need to add a pic of Sarina (Kevin’s daughter)
My absolute favorite lunch – sate ayam and sate kambing!
Rushdi – my sate guy!
Met with the Red Cross today.. I’m so excited to work with them to set up a series of blood drives around Indonesia!  More to post on this later as it develops…..
The little alleyway between the office and the construction site next door.  No space goes unused if motorcycles can park there!

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