Zone / Stake Conference

This week we had a visiting General Authority – Elder David Evans from the Quorum of the 70 and a counselor in the Asia Area Presidency – so he participated in a Friday zone conference for the missionaries in the Jakarta area and then the Jakarta Stake Conference Saturday and Sunday.

Greeting each other before the meeting starts
Visiting with Sister Baird
DeeAnn herded them together and had them sing The Spirit of God (in Indonesian of course!)

Such a great group of young missionaries!  Their happy spirits are infectious!




The overall thought for the Zone Conference was to work better with members and to work on reaching your goals.  Such a great meeting!

Then Saturday was Jakarta Stake Conference – in the afternoon was Priesthood Leadership as well as Relief Society Leadership.  People have to travel far, so they have a meeting for the sisters as well.  Then the ‘everyone’ session was that evening at the Jakarta Stake Center.

A very good crown there for both sessions and VERY uplifting.  DeeAnn and I sang Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing in a double quartet for the evening session.  Everyone said it was good – but they always say that – so who knows?!  The piano accompaniment was pretty difficult and the young man who played was only 16!  AND, he was also one of the English interpreters for the Indonesian speakers – truly an impressive young man.  The theme for this meeting was reaching out and being a true shepherd and that everyone is a shepherd in some way – either to a family member, a ward/branch member, as a home/visiting teacher or as a friend to someone who needs a friend.  One sister spoke about the faith required to paying tithing while she and her husband didn’t make much money.  It was a great talk and the faith of these saints is inspiring.  We’re lucky to be here among them.

We need interpreters!

Saturday evening after the session, there was a practice for the Family History Program had being presented next week that DeeAnn is playing for.


The Sunday session was at a rented hall – and was really crowded and equally uplifting.



The choir was from Bogor 1st and 2nd Wards.  Notice the matching Batik dresses for the ladies and suits/ties /pocket squares for the men.  And they sounded terrific!

One of the speakers today talked about joining the Church after being raised Muslim.  She too was an inspiration.  (Br. Fabio had mentioned that after his daughter had become a Christian, she was bullied at her school to the point of having to change schools.  He mentioned that the Muslim kids did not bully classmates who were already Christian, only those who converted.)

It was a great conference.  And the icing on the cake was that Sam, our new friend from Bandung came!  He said about 40 members of the Branch came on the bus, which is almost the whole branch!  He enjoyed it very much and we were thrilled he came!


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