Thanksgiving in Indonesia

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Not a real big holiday here in Indonesia, in fact, not a holiday at all!  It was a regular workday for the office, but it is tradition for the Senior Mission Couples (ok, ok, the wives) to make a traditional American ‘Thanksgiving Dinner’ for the Indonesian office staff. BUT, since turkeys are 1.5 million Rupiah (about $100) each here, we had chicken!

I failed to get a pic of the ladies making dinner (not sure how or why, I just didn’t get it done.)  But as you can imagine with the ladies cooking, dinner was fantastic: chicken, mashed potatoes, dressing, gravy, sweet potatoes, salad, homemade rolls and pie – pumpkin, apple, coconut, chocolate, mango and cherry.  Sooo good!  DeeAnn made pumpkin pie – a little tricky since the canned pumpkin pie mix is not available here – but straight canned pumpkin is, so she found the spices, added them and the pie was great!

Senior couples, a few young missionaries, and most of the office staff



Thanksgiving dinner would not be complete without walang goreng (fried grasshoppers)!  DeeAnn and I were given two packages a couple weeks ago, so this seemed like a good time to share them – no reason to hog all the treats!

Bad pic – sorry
Mmmmm, that’s good grasshopper
This was the moment – it’s a nice big fat one (although you really can’t tell)
Subandriyo: ‘you’re going to eat that’?
YES I AM and DID !!!!
Yeah, well, they don’t ‘taste like chicken’…..They were dry, crunchy and basically without flavor – even thought we had both regular and sweet – couldn’t tell the difference.  Think super-crunchy-almost-burned-popcorn-with-no-butter-or-salt



Brother Subandriyo, Elder Lovelock and Sister Solomon also tried them…No, DeeAnn wouldn’t touch them!!  She wouldn’t even look at them!

It was a great day and a day of giving thanks.  We have so much to be thankful for – the gift of the Savior, the Gospel, family, our mission and good friends.  Holly called just before dinner having a tough time without us being there with them for Thanksgiving dinner and we feel the same way.  It’s never easy to be away from family during the holidays, and this was no different.  We love our mission and we miss our family…..


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