Grocery Store

I enjoy posting what I would like to see if I was back in the US reading a blog like this – about things that would be very different from life in the States.  Things like food at the grocery store – some things are very similar, some not so much.  As I’ve mentioned, the big malls here all have grocery stores in the bottom, mostly catering to the local ex-pat community.  (You can tell if a mall is near the Korean, Japanese or Chinese expats, but there aren’t enough Americans to get everything we want.)

We have to start keeping a list of what malls have what items because no one mall has everything.  (A Wal-Mart would be nice, but there is no such animal!)  Also, almost everything here is priced per 100 grams (about 3.5 ounces).

So with that, let’s go shopping:

Squid (also known as cuttlefish) nicely displayed – about $3.50 / lb.
Fish – not sure how fresh, but fish, nonetheless – about $2.50 / lb.
Yeah, I know – water with electrolytes.  But I don’t want to drink anything with the word ‘sweat’ in it….
Eggs are also sold in bulk – $1 / lb.  I bought a plastic package of 10 for $2.00
Quail Eggs – $3 for the pack
You can get Lays Potato chips – some even in seaweed flavor!
Or, the ever-popular Salmon Teriyaki



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