The Office – Inside

The mission home / office was built about 35-40 years ago and is nice, but unfortunately is starting to show its age.  When it rains hard, the roof leaks, there are plumbing and electrical problems,  and the surrounding high-rise construction is encroaching.  It’s VERY close.

But, it’s what we have and we are happy to be here.

The living room of the mission home.
From the front door, you can go straight into the mission home, or turn up the stairs to the office.
At the top of the stairs looking into the office – our office is the second door on the left
Looking from our office across the hall – President’s office is on the right, Assistant’s office on the left.
Elder and Sister Moss (the office couple) right outside President’s office.  Packages for missionaries on the right!
Ida (Finance) – she pays the invoices and tries to keep me out of financial trouble!
Facilities Management
Elder Lovelock (Australia) – Assistant to the President
Lunch today – what else?  Sate Ayam (chicken) and Sate Kambing (goat).  SOOOOOO Good!
Chicken, goat and rice – 42,000 Rp ($3.15)
Took the sate back to the office – goat (with a teriaki -like suace) is on the bottom, chicken (with traditional peanut sauce) on the top.
Chicken or goat – how about both?!
Dueling sate….
Djamae – a “health drink” of ginger, tamarind, brown sugar, and a few other secret ingredients.
DeeAnn trying the Djumae – “it’s ok…”
Not the office, but a longshot pic of the Aryaduta Suites – our apartment.

4 thoughts on “The Office – Inside”

  1. That is the same office and mission home when we were there…we thought it had moved. Do you still live in the apartment in the rear of the main building? Thanks for sharing these adventures. It brings back great memories.


  2. Your blog looks good, your doing a great job!! So many wonderful experiences, thanks for sharing!! We need to figure out the best time to call, every time we think about calling its either too late or early your time…


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