Dr. Titi, Odds & Ends and Tender Mercy

Spending time this week in the office, and today had a meeting with Dr. Titi.  Dr. Orton (the Asia Area Medical Director) is touring Indonesia reviewing hospitals in the larger cities to make sure they are ok  if and when any young missionaries need to be treated, admitted, etc.  To do that, he wanted to meet with a local doctor to get their take on the Indonesian medical system, hospitals, Doctor training, etc., so we recommended Dr. Titi.  She’s a pediatrician by training and speaks very good English, so she was a natural.

So today, she came to the mission home / office to for our meeting.  She is such a delightful lady (she loves to joke and tease) and Dr. Orton and his wife got a real kick out of her.


Me, DeeAnn, Dr. Titi, Sister Rowley, Sister Orton, Elder Orton
This the living room of the mission home.  It is on the ground floor and the office is upstairs

Other odds and ends:

Posing in your basic Batik shirt
Everyone wants their picture with the Bule (white guy)
This is our buddy Ardi, our favorite security guard at our apartment.  He’s such a nice guy and is always smiling (except for this picture!)
Getting some sate ayam (grilled chicken) at the warong (food stall) near the office.  Soooo good.  The grill is on the right…

A Tender Mercy


Finally, a great story!  The picture is of President Rowley and Brother Satriono at Brother Satriono’s baptism.  Brother Satriono was the first native Indonesian called as a missionary and was President Rowley’s companion 40 years ago!  Through some sad circumstances (which I won’t go into), he’s been out of the Church for many years, but not ‘away’ from it.  When President Rowley arrived in July, one of the first things he did was look up his old friend and after many visits and approval by his Muslim wife (the Church will do not do anything to cause a division in a family), he was re-baptized Sunday!  Interesting to note, he was not ‘away’ from the Church for all those years, because he read the Book of Mormon every day and read the Ensign magazine (the Church magazine) every month.  At his baptism, he said had never lost his testimony and was so thankful that he was now ‘back’.  Welcome home, Brother Satriono!


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