Saturday Errands

Our P-Day (preparation day) is usually Saturday because we work in the Service Center and it operates like a typical office, open Monday through Friday.  So we use Saturday for shopping, haircuts, other errands, entertainment, etc.  Yesterday was no different.

So, I start off showing the sidewalk to our Plaza Semanggi, our mall/grocery store/shopping center about 200 yards from our apartment.  I show the sidewalk to illustrate why you walk looking down – can’t afford to take your eye off the sidewalk when you walk on them:




Another difference is that in the States, these are a lawsuit waiting to happen to the poor city that fails to “properly maintain” them.  Here, they are an invitation to “hey, watch where you’re going”.  It really has become so clear how America is a “nanny state” – where the government is protecting you from yourself and your stupidity. Here, you’re expected to be a big boy or girl and protect yourself by not being stupid.  If you trip on a broken sidewalk, look down.  And if you do trip, look closer.  Suing the city of Jakarta for a broken sidewalk  would get you laughed out of town!


Yes, DeeAnn is ironing our money.  We still have a few hundred dollar US bills left that haven’t been changed and today was the day to change some cash.  The money changers here will only change $100 bills AND they have to be absolutely crisp with no folds, creases, tiny tears, etc.  (If it’s an old ragged bill or has a big tear, forget it – they won’t even take it.)  But even if its new, and has ANY fold or even looks like it has a fold, they will ding us on the exchange.  It’s not much, but it’s a game they play to not give as much and a game we play (by ironing the bills) to try and take away any excuse to ding us.  So far, it’s only worked once!

Went to the Kuningam City mall and watched this Japanese noodle maker do his thing in the food court….
Went to see a movie (40,000 Rupia – $3.00) and the concession stand had sushi and baked goods.  Had a box of popcorn and a bottle of water for 50,000 Rp ($4.00). 

One thought on “Saturday Errands”

  1. A word of caution…never walk through a puddle on the sidewalk…you are likely to find that it covers a hole in the sewer! Have you shopped at “Bread Talk?” Best bakery store in Jakarta…
    Yep – stay away fro the puddles – one never knows what lurks beneath them! And yes, Bread Talk is great! The chocolate muffins (at $1 per muffin) are especially good! (I wouldn’t know myself, of course, ahem…I’ve just been told….)


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