Yayasan Peduli Tuna Daksa (Limbs for the Limbless)

One of the groups LDS Charities has worked with over the years here in Jakarta is Limbs for the Limbless.  It is headed up by Vashdev  who is in the metal scrap business, but was inspired to begin this charity.  The government does not provide any insurance for any prosthetics, and PDK has provided them free of charge to poor Indonesians since 2007.  They do a GREAT work.  Each year they distribute about 2,400 prosthetics (mostly legs) for those Indonesians who would otherwise be immobile.

LDSC has not had a project with PDK for a year or more and our goal today was to meet and get to know them, tour their facility and re-establish the relationship and to try and determine whether to submit a proposal to work with them again.  It is so difficult to know which groups to choose to fund and for how much.  There is so much need for so much help and as difficult as it is to admit, the Church simply does not have unlimited funds!  Our budget is quite limited and we don’t have near the funds necessary to respond to all the requests.  But here’s an example why funds at PDK go far:  a prosthetic leg from PDK (free to the recipient) costs about $100 in material (foam, high density polyproplene, plaster for the molds, various nuts and bolts) and labor.   A prosthetic leg anywhere else in the world costs between $5,000 and $50,000!  These simple legs from PDK are to make the recipient mobile – to be able to walk, work, go to school, and live as “normal” a life as possible – not to have the finest, most up-to-date prosthetic technology available.




DeeAnn talking to Sony, the office manager
One of the 15 workers learning how to shape a leg
Vashdev explaining the manufacturing process
Oliver Pirrone is a French-certified prosthetist and is teaching some locals the craft.  Sayeed is a PDK employee who organizes fittings and assessments.
This man is scraping the plastic leg to shape it.

We have been invited to attend an assessment and fitting in either Jogja or Bandung in the next couple weeks – we need to try to attend and determine whether or not we should submit a proposal for another grant to PDK.   Such a worthy cause…..


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