Odds and Ends

On the way to PDK today, an interesting site:  between the curb and the back fence alongside the road (about 10-15 feet deep max) there were landscaping businesses.  Every  100 yards or so was a new one – and these went on for a half mile – but ALL were selling the same thing.  (This happens a lot here, no one can have a good business idea for long before it’s copied.  So someone no doubt started a road-side landscaping business a few years ago, and it did well, so 25 others started the same thing in the same place, all selling the same thing!)

BUT, these places were selling the coolest shaped trees you’ve ever seen – think giant Bonsai trees:




Walking to the taxi, we stopped at a little “mall”.  I bought the pair of plaid shorts at the bottom of the pic for 40,000 Rp ($3).
We waited for the taxi by this place. Not sure why they would name it this, because they weren’t selling anything that looked Mexican to me, but hey, this is Indonesia!  We didn’t need any stinkin’  “pan dulce” anyway……
A gift from our friend Rian – fried grasshoppers, in regular and sweet!  Thanks, Rian!!



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