Office Birthday

Elder & Sister Baird are the Public Affairs missionaries here in Indonesia and today was Sister Baird’s birthday!  In Indonesia, the tradition is for the birthday person to provide food for the office.  So, the Baird’s had Bishop Ariono of the Tangerang II ward (who has a catering business) bring in Sapi Soto (a beef soup) and Es Doger (an icy desert) for the office staff of 35.


Sapi soto – rice, sliced beef, bean sprouts, with a beef broth.  Outstanding!
The soup itself is pretty mild, so the locals add the chili sauce which is like liquid fire….I added a few drops and yikes….
Sister Baird is behind DeeAnn with the young full-time missionaries on the left


Office staff
Es Doger – black rice, tapioca, bread cubes, covered with a coconut ice slush.  Very good… 
The Es (ice) portion of the desert

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