Sri Lestari – A Hero

DeeAnn and Sri

Meet our new friend Sri Lestari!  Sri is a remarkable lady, an absolute delight and truly an inspiration!  She was paralyzed in a motorcycle accident at 23 and for 10 years, she stayed at home.  She then decided it was enough and got a wheelchair, and her life changed.  Then she got a modified motorcycle and her life really changed!

Since she can’t slide over to the bike itself, she stays in her chair and steers from there.
Navigating the streets of Jogja!  She goes anywhere she wants
We had trouble keeping up!

She now works for UCP-RUK as an advocate, is a frequent public speaker at schools talking to children about wheelchairs and mobility.  (She tells them she walks via her chair!)  She recently traveled to Los Angeles to speak at an international conference on mobility and independence.  She especially likes encouraging disabled Indonesians to get out of their homes (where culturally they frequently go to stay and hide) and to be productive and active.

Today, she went with us up the mountain to visit a new chair recipient.  Notice the trail – she is afraid of nothing!




Sri is so active, she recently drove her modified motorcycle from Jakarta to Bali, which was chronicled on youtube:

Do yourself a favor and watch it – she is TRULY an inspiration!!


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