Blok M

No  it’s not a typo – Indonesian doesn’t use a ‘ck’ for the k sound – they just use a ‘k’.  (The ‘c’ is ‘ch’, so here, clinic would be spelled ‘klinik’.  Anyway, Blok M is a mall of sorts – not like the high-end malls of Jakarta (the ones with Tiffany, Gucci, Prada, etc.)  No, Blok M is where the locals shop and it’s hundreds and hundreds of kiosks, cubbyhole vendors and stores selling just about everything with an emphasis on clothes, jewelry, etc.

DeeAnn was getting her haircut with Roberto – her Italian hairdresser.  He was on his way to Australia 22 years ago and stopped in Jakarta and never left.  Nice enough guy, but he is NOT cheap, even by US standards.


Anyway, while DeeAnn was getting her hair done, I walked over to Blok M to check it out.  A few sights on the way there:

There are street cart vendors everywhere – this guy was selling homemade brooms and plastic ware
Indonesian Food Truck – these food carts are everywhere – each one selling fruit, rice, meat, soup, drinks, etc.
Interesting Street outside the mall – everything Japanese – restaurants, bars, karaoke, clubs, stores, etc.  One block long….
At first I thought they were statues.
They do their best to keep clean – this lady is mopping the sidewalk in front of her store.
Motorbikes are used to deliver erevything
OSHA approved, I’m sure
City code compliant, no doubt….
The shops and stuff go on forever.



My $10 sandals
What every kitchen needs…
There are security guards everywhere – it’s not dangerous and they don’t make much, so everyone hires them   Every mall, office, etc. has metal detectors to walk though, manned by 4-5 people.  These are the 4-5 guys in uniform at the front of our apartment – they don’t do much but they’re very nice!

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