The Office

One of our jobs is in the office – taking care of various paperwork, filling out reports, accounting for our expenses, etc.  Since we have been traveling, there’s a lot and we still don’t have it figured out yet.  Luckily the service center here has people who can help!

One of DeeAnn’s jobs is to make travel reservations for the many trips we have to make – airlines, hotels, etc.  Now, you might be thinking, easy, peasy, right?  WRONG!  You are assuming that the internet is the internet so working on the internet here is the same as working on the internet in the US.  You would be WRONG!  Making a reservation in the US is easy so how hard could it be?  And the answer is: VERY!  What’s especially tricky is if a mistake is made in the US, you can usually call and correct it – or at least talk to someone who speaks English.  Not here….Plus, our Church credit card hasn’t been working, so Ari Wintaro, the President’s driver/assistant/handyman has been DeeAnn’s best friend as he has been invaluable in making reservations, fixing mistakes, etc.

The Welfare office in the Jakarta Service Center (also the  Mission Office and former Mission Home)

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