Side Note….

We live on the 17th floor of the Sudirman Condominiums.  Right next door a high-rise is being constructed.  (Actually, high-rises are under construction everywhere – it’s unbelievable that there could be that much demand in Jakarta for space – retail, commercial, hotel, etc. – but apparently there is….but I digress…)    Construction goes on basically 24/7,  so the beehive of activity never stops.


Toward the bottom of the above picture, is a yellow machine – small from the 17th floor, but not so small up close.  This is a concrete pumping machine, capable of pumping concrete many floors up.  (Imagine the size of a motor and pump required to push concrete anywhere, let alone UP.)  The cylinder pump engages about every 3-4 seconds with a loud BANG, then recharges and does it again.  ALL. NIGHT. LONG, only pausing long enough for another concrete truck to back up….. Someday they will finish the concrete work – I only hope it’s in my lifetime….


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