Jogja Muslim School

This week we flew to Yogyakarta (also known as Jogja) to participate in a signing ceremony.  Basically, this is where we sign the formal Memorandum Agreement outlining what LDS Charities will do and what the recipient will do.  In this case, we are partnering with the local Muslim Organization to build (or in one case, simply rebuild) MCK’s (mari, cuci, karus) units at three Muslim schools.  (MCK’s are combination toilet, washing, and cleaning facilities and are badly needed.)  Before the signing, however, we went on a tour of the schools:

The head of one school in the classroom of a very poor village
the front of the MCK that will be rebuilt
Behind the MCK
High school girls in front of the school.  They LOVE to have their picture taken!


Old toilet and open well to be replaced


The Signing

Then we proceeded to the signing ceremony.  It was in the mosque and we all sat around a large carpeted area with the school leaders, a few community leaders and a few students.  A few speeches, then they wanted to hear from us about America, where we were from, etc., so we each had to talk about that, our families, our impressions of Indonesia, what we were doing there, etc. and why we wanted to help the Muslim school.  As we said, need knows no religion, creed or belief, so if the Muslim school needed a little help, then so be it.  In this case, LDS Charities will provide the funds for materials and oversee the construction, and they will provide the labor and maintenance.

In the mosque (the prayer room is right behind us)


The ceremonial rice cone that is eaten in friendship
The rice cone (with a little hat) and a chicken (complete with the head)
Signing our agreement
Eating the tip of the cone (it’s on the plate)
The school principal with his family (7 kids soon to be 8) and a few of the students.  The notion that girls are not educated in Muslim society is absolutely false (only in the radical sects) …most of the doctors are female.
Having Nasi Pedang for lunch  – a traditional Javanese meal
Tastes sort of like Tang.  8000 Rupiah is about $.60.


One of the dishes on the table….we passed.



Cute kids….
DeeAnn being a grandma!!

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