Clean Water – Srumbung

One of the purposes of our trip was to check out a new prospect – this was in the village of Srumbung, about an hour outside Solo.  This village had a pump and has some tanks (not LDSC) but they have fallen into disrepair.  The old pump was not in a proper location, so a new pump needs to be drilled in a new location.  What we don’t want to have happen is for a new system to fall into disrepair, so we will try and impress upon the villagers to collect money to pay for repairs and maintenanceimg_0907

This is the old pump site.  On the right is Subandriyo, former Indonesian Mission President, Area Authority  and now The Indonesia Jakarta Serivce Center Director.  He is an employee of the Church and knows everyone and everything Indonesian.  A terrific individual!

A selfie of me riding on the back of an ever-present motorbike going to check out a new site
Notice the PVC pipes on the right
The village water committee who would like our help 
Indonesian Food Bike……

This possible project will be written up by Elder Henrie and the Major Initiative folks will determine if it is a ‘go’.



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