Clean Water – Ngampel

On to the next project – checking again on a past project in the village of Ngampel, about an hour from Surakarta (also known as Solo).  This is a little different in that it collects spring water from higher up in the mountains with no pump involved.  The water then gravity flows downhill through a PVC pipe system to various storage tanks and distribution points.  The good news is the system works well, until the rainy season, then there’s so much water the pipes break.  So again, the villagers pay a small fee into a fund so they can fix the pipes every few weeks when they break.  Yes, it’s inefficient but for the pipes not to break, they would have to be buried and that isn’t going to happen, because it’s straight downhill from the spring to the tanks to the village.

The start of the trail up to the tanks
And it got steeper – you can see the pipes across the trail
The first storage tank – the collection point is another half hour hike straight up, which we chose not to make!
Elder DiNuzzo and Elder Poffenbarger were our translators!
The Elders, Elder Henrie and the village water head on top of the storage tank
Another storage tank – the sign says ‘This storage tank has been provided by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’
house in the village below the tanks
Distribution tank in the village
The Elders with Surtarno, our contractor who build these systems.  He is a member of the Church and lives in Surabaya

Part of this project was the construction of 10 MCK (mandi, cuci, karus) sanitation facilities – basically a toilet, hand washing and outside faucet facilities.  Here is one attached to a small Christian church on the mountainside.  There was no sign (only a cross) and no one knew the denomination.  But it was in good condition, clean and appeared to be used.  there are others attached to Mosque’s and other public places.


Sadly, here is a picture of one that was build in an area the locals did NOT want.  So they vandalized it rendering it useless.


We didn’t get a translation of the graffiti…..
walking back to the car
Village kids watching us
Kids are kids with a balloon anywhere in the world!
Indonesians LOVE badminton and will build a court on a mountainside!
another house in the village – notice the white water pipe
Getting around in the village – the driver was about 10!
Carrying rice home for dinner
local shopkeepers

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