Clean Water – Banyuanyar

A last project was checking the status of a current project in the village of Banyuanyar, also near Solo.  This project seems to be having some trouble in that the bore hole is deeper than normal (120 meters) but it keeps filling back in.  The driller is having trouble keeping gravel out of the hole and is trying to complete the well.  In the meantime, the electric company has not brought service to the site, and the tank support construction has stalled.


Road to the drill site


The large concrete tank is done, but the elevated stand is stalled…..


One of the workers


This good fellow lived next door to the well


The drill


The well and pump is replacing this old open well 


Building the frame out of rod (not re-bar) 


A local….

This project is ongoing and may take awhile to complete….

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