Yogyakarta (Jogja)

Next up was a trip to Yogyakarta (also known as Jogja) so Br/Dr Jarstad could prresent a lecture  at Gadja Mahta University.  Dr. Jarstad’s been going to Gadja Mahta for several years and has old friends here, with several pieces of equipment donated over time.


That evening, we were hosted at a very nice buffet dinner theater – with the entertainment a famous Balinese ballet.

The Costumes were unbelievable and the pics do not do them justice….


A typical pedal taxi

The next day was a tour of small clinic that uses our equipment almost every day.  During the week, they use it to test the vision of local school kids:



The kids are SO excited to have their picture taken with a “bule” – a white foreigner and take EVERY opportunity to do so!  Dr. Jarstad, of course, loves to accommodate them!

Just finishing cataract surgery
The only mobile eye clinic in Indonesia
We had stopped for lunch – this was a residential alleyway next door…


pedal taxi driver taking a break!



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