Prambanan Temple

I notice that the blog has a lot of “touristy” things in it.  On the one hand, I want to give a sense of every day things we see, as well as places we go and people we meet.  We’ve noticed quickly that recipients of equipment, etc. from LDS Charities, they want to express their gratitude.  That comes typically in a meal.  They are also very proud of their country, so they want to show off whatever sites there are in the area.  So it may seem that we do a lot of tourist-like things, but it’s what we are doing in between other things.  It’s also a little unusual in that since we’ve been here, we been with a ‘rock star’ in Dr. Jarstad, so our hosts have rolled out the red carpet for him and his wife, and by extension, us, because we are tagging along!  I suspect that the rest of our mission will not be so ‘high end’!

After our visit to the clinic, we were taken to Pambranan Temple, a Hindu temple first built in 900 AD.  You can Google it for the details, but it was originally 9 main temples, with 240 smaller ones around the main one.  The site was abandoned in about 1300 after a local volcano erupted, then over the years has been destroyed by earthquakes.  They’ve been rebuilding it, but it is like a giant jigsaw puzzle or legos.  The piles of stones are everywhere, so the process is never ending and is the definition of job security for the rebuilders!


the whole group


grooves cut in the stones so they interlock
the local (stilla active) volcano near Jogja that destroyed the temple in 1300



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