Odds and Ends….

Just a couple observations after a few weeks of living here:

  1. Kitchens are not plumbed for hot water.
  2. Traffic is indescribable with cars and motorbikes everywhere darting in and out and cars within inches of each other – but it works.  I’ve seen no wrecks or dents, and no one gets excited or mad, somehow at the last second, the car or bike stops and lets the other one in.  Amazing…
  3. People are so nice and kind….everyone smiles and nods hello.
  4. Taxi’s are everywhere and very cheap – the initial meter is $.50 and a ride to a mall or the office runs about $2.00.
  5. The shopping malls all have grocery stores in the basement.
  6. The malls are enormous and are a like a corn maze.  They twist and turn, escalators end, there’s no pattern to their layout and its easy to get turned around and lost…and directories are hit and miss.
  7. Jakarta is a real contrast – poverty within a stone’s throw of a mall that has a Lamborghini dealership on the main floor.  Next to the dealership is Tiffany, then Prada, then Gucci….yep, the definition of contrast.
  8. Rice is served at EVERY meal….
  9. If you order chicken, there might be a head or a foot attached ….
  10. So far, we’ve managed to avoid Carl’s Jr, Burger King and McDonalds, but they’re here…
  11. Walking anywhere is difficult – the sidewalks (if they exist) are VERY uneven, so you have to walk looking down.  Then you’ll need to get in the street, which is tricky because the motorbikes are always moving and will be right to the edge of the street – and they might be coming up the wrong side of the street.  The traffic is already opposite of what we are used to, so it gets tricky.
  12. It is not nearly as hot and humid as we had anticipated. There are also not near the mosquitoes as we had heard…. It is quite common to sit outside at a restaurant and be perfectly comfortable.  So far, it’s been less hot and humid with fewer mosquitoes than Missouri!

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