Manado – Day 3

Today was a great day!  When we were learning our way around the office in jakarta, we had noticed a large drawer of reading glasses from past projects.  So we packed them up and brought them to Manado and with the help of President Lang (the local LDS Branch President) and the local missionaries, Dr. Jarstad held a reading glasses screening clinic. The word was put out that a clinic would be held at the Manado Branch of the LDS Church at 4:30 pm.  We arrived and there were about 10-12 people in the chapel.  We set up the tables, put out the glasses and just like ‘Field of Dreams’, we held it and they came.  By the time we finished at 7:30, we had given away about 125 pairs of reading glasses!



Dr’s. Jarstad and Devy found several patients who were there for reading glasses that needed cataract surgery


DeeAnn busy handing out reading glasses
The clinic was followed by an amazing dinner at Rajah Satay in Manado – fantastic!


Adding a few odds and ends:

Another view of the hotel
A crack pot…..
tree in the lobby



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