Manado, Indonesia – Day 1

The Church has six Major Initiatives within the Humanitarian effort – Wheelchairs, Vision, Clean Water, New Baby and Mother Care, Immunizations and the Benson Food Project.  The first four are active here in Indonesia.  Each area has a “Specialist” and they will visit the countries to which they are assigned about once a year. Naturally, we have all four Specialists visiting Indonesia within our fist 90 days!

The first specialist was Dr. John Jarstad, a professor of Ophthalmology at the University of Missouri.  Small world – when we told Holly that the Jarstad’s were coming, she says ‘ oh we know them, they were in our Ward.  Jason helped them move in’!  Dr. and Sister Jarstad flew in and we met them at the airport and flew to Manado, a 3 hour flight to eastern Indonesia.  Dr. jarstad has spent some time in Manado over the years and first met the students and faculty at Sam Ratulangi University in 2012 when he was aboard the Navy Hospital Ship ‘Mercy’ and it docked at Manado.  Dr. Devy Mondagi was a resident at the time and Dr. Jarstad spotted him as a rising star.

Dr. Devy met us at the airport and he took us to the Manado Mercure, a very nice hotel near the beach.

Looking out our room toward the ocean…
Looking back toward the hotel across the pool

Dr. Devy now runs a very successful clinic in Manado

Dr. Devy, Dr. Jarstad, Dr. Roland, Sister Jarstad at a packed clinic!
DeeAnn was able to suit up and observe cataract surgeries first-hand!
Dr. Jarstad sharing surgical techniques with some students.  The larger screen and surgical microscope (in the operatory) was donated by LDS Charities so students can observe surgery. 

After day, Dr. Devy hosted a dinner at a local seafood restaurant for ophthalmologists in the area and Dr. Jarstad lectured on cataract surgery.  The dinner was in keeping with Madano pride – VERY spicy!

The whole fish (at 5 o’clock) was especially hot; the traditional chicken satay (at 3 o’clock) was not…

After dinner was karaoke and dancing.  Yes, DeeAnn and I danced once and even sang ‘All I Have to Do is Dream’ by the Everly Brothers.  A very enjoyable day.






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