Saturday Shopping

A short cab ride ($1.25) took us to Grand Lucky, the alleged ‘WalMart’ of Jakarta.  Not quite (as Americans we’re used to the real thing), but this is not too bad….


The Rupiah is 13,000 to $1, so the sign for 89,000 is about $6.50.  Many things are very inexpensive here and many things are very expensive.  For example, basics – shampoo, toothpaste, etc are cheap.  Cheese is expensive ($5 for a small package), beef is VERY expensive ($15/lb), but chicken and seafood is fairly cheap.  As in any foreign country, there’s a few odd selections:

First were the feet, now the heads….
I like cookies and most fried things, but…..
Looney Tunes potatoes? ‘Probably’ the best…?


Fish and shrimp displays….
Mmmmm…cuttlefish  (squid) flavored crackers!
uncut white bread  – about $1

DeeAnn is making cookies with some of our new-found goods, but the oven has no gauge, so she has no idea what temperature it’s at…so trial and error.




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