Welfare / HumanitarianTraining

So today was special welfare training in Salt Lake City for the 6 Humanitarian couples.  We started off by gathering at 6:30 am bus ride to the train station in Provo for the hour+ ride to Salt Lake – along with several hundred young Elders and Sisters on their way around the world


We then made our way to Welfare Square and took a tour of the facilities there.  If you ever have a chance to visit Salt Lake, do yourself a favor and take a tour – it’s amazing what the Church has going on – canning, bakery, dairy, a huge Deseret Industries store, an employment facility, and more.



After that, it was off to Church Headquarters where we we had lunch in what is the old Hotel Utah and now the Church Administration building – VERY nice!


For those who’ve never seen a pic of the Church Office Building, here’s a pic:


Here’s a shot from the 10th floor where we had lunch:



After lunch was additional training about Welfare Principles as well as Emergency Response.  During that training, the speaker referred to a statement made by a former President of the Church – Heber J. Grant.  When asked by a friend why the Mormons had come to the desolate Salt Lake valley in the 1840’s, he said, ‘they came willingly, because they had to’.  A very interesting comment.  They had to leave Nauvoo because they were driven out, but they came willingly because the Prophet told them to go and they knew what they were doing was right. Leading up to our departure, many people asked DeeAnn and me ‘why are you doing this?’ and the answer today became very clear – we are going willingly because we have to.  We have to because we have a testimony of the Gospel, because we’ve made covenants to do what we can to help and give our time and talents to to the Lord’s work and because it is what the Savior would do.



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