Free Weekend

Our training finished up Friday afternoon and we have the rest of the weekend off.

This morning DeeAnn and I went to the new Provo City Center temple.  Wow….so beautiful and the woodwork inside is amazing.


The temple used to be the Provo Tabernacle, built in the late 1800’s and used up until a few years ago for Stake Conferences, a community center, musicals, concerts, etc.  In 2010, the tabernacle caught fire and burned.  The Church made the decision rather than tear it down, to rebuild it as a temple.  So in an engineering marvel, the outer walls were preserved and the inside was rebuilt.  At one point the walls had to be suspended while the basement was dug out.  Truly spectacular….

After the temple, we went back to the MTC for lunch (leftover Olive Garden, which was better than the cafeteria – that’s not to say the cafeteria food is bad, but let’s face it, institutional food is institutional food!).  Then we had the van take us to the Mall, where DeeAnn got a pedicure and got a dress that she is liked and will have the seamstresses in Jakarta make.  Apparently, fabric stores are everywhere and you can get a suit or dress made for very little.  So that’s what she’ll do.

Now, it’s off to some friends to watch the BYU – Utah game.

On another subject, we were asked what our ‘day’ is like….Well, there are about 50 senior couples and we gather together at 8:00 am to start the day.  Then we break off into our ‘districts’ (4 couples each) for teaching and training with young fairly recently returned missionaries.  Break for lunch, then back at it until 4 ish, break for dinner.  Monday and Tuesday we had evening meetings, but the rest of the week, we were free.  So one evening we had dinner with friends, another we walked down to the Creamery on 9th (a famous BYU institution that serves ice cream made from the BYU dairy.  Excellent.


Last night we had dinner with Chris Claypool, a friend from Missouri who moved out here a few months ago.  We stopped to see Bekka Schofield, another of our YSA friends who had also moved here, and we really enjoyed seeing them both again.





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