Last Stop…Fairfield, CA

Our last stop on the way to the Missionary Training Center was Travis Air Force base in Fairfield, CA for a visit with our daughter Holly, her husband, Jason (newly commissioned 1st Lieutenant in the Air Force) and their 3 girls – Bella (age 8), Gena (age 5 and Tessa (age 2).  What precious girls they are – and we had a great time playing cars


playing at the splash pad


eating ice cream at Fenton’s


touring Mrs. Grossman’s – the world’s largest sticker factory


riding the carousel at the mall


walking around a beautiful park in Sonoma County


and relaxing in a giant chair

IMG_4618.JPG (1)

And finally topped off with Isabella’s baptism on Saturday.


IMG_9716 (1).JPG

What a great occasion that was – and so special to be there and to participate in her baptism!

But, then it was time to go.  What an unbelievably hard thing to do  – say goodbye to your granchildren for 2 years.  They really didn’t comprehend that we were really leaving – although Bella cried almost as much as we did!  Holly was terrific though and kept us from completely losing it!

IMG_9720 (2).JPGIMG_9727 (1).JPGIMG_9726 (1).JPG


IMG_0327 (2).JPG

With a last hug from her baby girl….we were off to Provo and the MTC.



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