Heading West….

“It’s been a great 16 years in Joplin / Carl Junction / Carthage Missouri, but now it’s time to move to the next chapter.  It’s been a hectic several weeks what with retirement, good bye lunches and dinners with friends and packing, purging, selling, trashing, and/or donating the remaining of our worldly possessions so we can go on our mission unencumbered and unburdened of worrying about our “stuff”.  At this point, there isn’t any “stuff” left, so we’ll go to Indonesia then worry about what to do. where to go and what “stuff” we really need when we get back!

IMG_0233          IMG_0234

We divided the remaining clothes, etc into two groups: (1) four large 50 lb. suitcases with clothes and things we’ll need in Jakarta and sent them ahead via Greyhound Bus to the Mission Training Center in Provo, UT and (2) a couple small suitcases for our trip west.

With that, we picked up Sarina from school on Friday, August 19 and headed to Kansas City to visit with Kevin.  We had a nice visit and took he and Sarina to the KC Zoo on Saturday.


After breakfast on Sunday, there were lots of tears and a big hug from her baby boy….


Then it was off to Mesa, AZ (with a midway stop in Tucumcari, NM) to visit DeeAnn’s father.  A very nice visit there – hot, but it was August in Arizona, so what did we expect?!

More later….


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