Just About Time to Leave….


Today was an emotional roller coaster for us – our last Sunday with the YSA Branch.  The  closing hymn was ‘God Be With You ’till We Meet Again’.  I could not sing….I was reminded of when I left on my first mission to Georgia Atlanta in 1975.  At the time it was tradition the missionaries to attend the Sunday morning broadcast of Music and the Spoken Word (the mission training center was in Salt Lake City at the time).  The missionaries would stay for a few minutes after the broadcast and the choir would sing a few extra songs for us.  That day the last song was God Be With You and I remember I just cried like a baby – just like today….

After Church this evening was an open house to say good bye to a few friends who stopped by.  The Angel Council (the wives of the Branch Presidency) put together a meal and treats and it was very nice – with a beautiful cake decorated by one of our former YSA’s.


And with that, we now concentrate on the next chapter of our lives.

We are just about 95% ready to go.  All of our stuff is essentially gone or there are plans to get it delivered this week to where it is going.  We have one chair left in our living room and DeeAnn have to split time using it!  It’s getting emotional to be getting rid of the last of our stuff and packing our clothes – there is a sense of sad finality as we will likely not be coming back to Carthage except for a visit and to pick up the few things we are leaving in storage.  So many memories and so excitign to anticipate a new adventure!

Our plan is to leave Friday and go to Kevins and spend a couple days there.  Then we will drive to Mesa, AZ to see DeeAnn’s father and spend a couple days there.  Then to San Diego to see my sister, then to Fairfield, CA to visit Holly and her family.  Our grandaughter Bella will be baptized on Saturday, Sept 3, we will fly to Salt Lake on Sunday and then report to the MTC on Monday, Sept 5.


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