Preparations Continue

The countdown continues and we are getting closer and closer to leaving! The sale of our stuff continues and we are getting down to very little left – we sold DeeAnn’s car yesterday, and that was really the last big thing to worry about.
Tomorrow we speak in Church for the last time, and our last YSA dinner is tomorrow evening. Then the 14th is an Open House and a chance to say goodbye to our friends her in this area.
The plan then will be to leave Carthage on Friday, August 19 and go to Kansas City to see our son, Kevin. We’ll stay with him and leave Sunday morning for Phoenix and plan to arrive there on Monday evening. We will stay there for a couple days to visit DeeAnn’s father. Then off to San Diego to visit with my sister, then off to Fairfield to see Holly and her family. Bella (her oldest) will be baptized on Saturday, September 3, we will fly to Salt Lake on Sunday, September 4 and report to the MTC in Provo on Monday, September 5.


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