The Adventure has begun….

Well it’s now official!  We spent the past several weeks filling out our mission papers, met with the Bishop, then the Stake President, and he transmitted our completed papers to Salt Lake on Wednesday.  We’re told the wait could be up to 5-6 weeks, so it could be a awhile before we find out where we are going.  We have requested a Humanitarian mission, so that will be overseas somewhere.  The Church’s Humanitarian efforts are world wide and are involved in a number of projects such as clean water, wheelchair distribution, immunization, newborn resuscitation, etc.  Luckily, English is ok for a number of the foreign missions, so it’s likely that will be our language – which is a good thing!

One side note – it was surprising the amount of health-related questions were asked on our application.  But, it makes sense, since the Church is sending us (potentially) to the middle of nowhere, so they have to make sure we are healthy enough to go there and that our on-going health needs don’t require us to be near the health care we need.  We are in pretty good health, so with some exceptions, we should be able to go just about anywhere.  We’ll see…..


This is the picture included with our application.  Good looking couple!



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